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Podcast: Uncovering Your Glow with Lisa Keyser, Nashville Facialist

In this episode, Angela and Lisa Keyser discuss:

*Starting roots in the medical industry

*Dermaplaning, what is it, and how to do it safely

*Different kinds of skincare that are appropriate for events and everyday

*Being well educated on what is safe and healthy for your specific skin

Key Takeaways:

*Always do a trial run before a wedding or event to know how your skin will respond

*Be cautious of the products in different countries

*Always test products before you use them before an event

*Your skin care regimen should continue and be consistent after your event to keep your skin healthy

“It is a lot more than lacing up your shoes and going to run a marathon, it is the same with your skin, you have to look at the whole picture” – Lisa Keyser